The company Depa Stampi, a reputable company and sound, founded in 1998 by two business partners, works with nearly years of experience. The company has modern machinery for the production of injection molds for small and medium size. Our strengh is flexibility, this allows us to take immediate action for the high customer satisfaction through the timely and quality execution in the completion of injection molds and repair tools in–house and external.

Vertical machining centers
Electrorosion plunge
Electrorosion wire
Grinding machine
More various machinery contour
CAD station
CAM station

Depa Stampi s.n.c. - P.IVA 01496200427
Via delle Industrie, 24 - frazione Montecamillone cap. 60022 Castelfidardo (AN) – Italy
Tel: 071/7819769 - Fax: 071/7210517 - Email:
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